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Powder Coating ServicesSince 2004, TLC Metal Restoration has provided expert-level powder coating services. We offer a full-range of metal restoration and refinishing services, which includes plating, powder coating, sandblasting, welding, appliance refinishing, antique repair and refinishing, antique automobile refinishing, metal polishing, building metal maintenance & chandelier restoration.

Powder coating, developed in the 1960's as a paint alternative, is durable and cost effective. Powder coating is done by using an electrically charged powder made up of fine pigment and resin that is sprayed onto the desired object. The object is then heat-cured making the electrically charged particles to adhere to the surface of the item, which is electrically grounded, creating an extremely effective, yet great looking finish. Powder coating is a great way to refinish and protect a variety of household items as it is environmentally friendly, unlike most spray paints.

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Plating Services

Plating is the process of laying a thin coat of metal over a surface. Metals for plating include chrome plating, nickle plating, copper plating, silver plating, brass plating & gold plating.

Powder Coating Services

Powder Coating is a process of applying a coat of pigment to the surface of an item to create a layer of color that is brighter, thicker and much tougher than paint.

Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting is the process of applying high pressure steam laced with sand to clean, grind, cut, or decorate hard surfaces, as of glass, stone, or metal.

Welding Services

Welding is the process of fusing metal together using an ultra-high heat process.

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